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About us

The story behind NutriBoom starts in Sigulda. As a scientist and a mother of two beautiful daughters, I decided to start a company and provide society with something tasty and most importantly - healthy!  All the products are 100% natural, we do not add any sugars, preservatives, or any other ingredient. Everything is as it looks - 100% fruits and veggies! 

Fresh and delicious all year

Healthy plant based snacks are produced using lyophilization technology. Freeze-drying is an innovative method during which vegetables, berries, and fruits lose all their water. Unlike classic drying, during which the product loses both its appearance and nutritional value, this method preserves most of the vitamins and minerals, natural taste, aroma, and appearance, becomes crunchy, as well as allows the products to be stored for a long time and at room temperature.

Comparison of drying methods

Freeze drying technology (also known as lyophilization) is currently the most innovative method available on the market. The technology is based on the separation of water from the product under vacuum at a very low temperature (up to -40C). At the same time, the product is not subjected to heat treatment, where heat destroys valuable substances in the product. The sublimation process preserves the product's structure, taste, aroma and up to 95-98% of vitamins and minerals, so lyophilized fruits and vegetables are healthy. By freeze drying or subliming the product, the moisture is removed from it, evaporating the ice, thus excluding the liquid state of the water.

On the other hand, the hot drying method, which is well known to all of us, is also based on the principle of separating water from the product, only by heating the product up to 120C, which permanently damages the appearance, taste, structure of the product and most importantly - the amount of vitamins is reduced to 20-30% comparing to fresh.