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Blackberries are superfood! Why? Let's go through some facts from different researches.

Blackberries are rich sources of phenolic compounds including ellagic acid, tannins, ellagitannins, quercetin, gallic acid, anthocyanins, and cyanidins etc. That's why blackberries have potential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer. Although blackberries are consumed fresh all over the world, they also are being processed in different food products, e.g., juice, sauce, puree, jams, canned blackberries and drieds, as well as freeze dried blackberries (Tomas et al., 2020).

The blackberry fruit (Rubus spp.) has an attractive color, which ranges from purple red to blue, due to the high content of bioactive compounds, such as anthocyanins. Unfortunately, like all berries, fresh blackberries are also exceptionally perishable, have short shelf life and are seasonal. The freeze drying process is great technique to improve the stability of anthocyanins from fruits and vegetables and to design innovative foodstuff , starting freeze dried blackberry snacks, powders, as colorants and as raw material for other food products (Braga et al., 2019).

So, blackberries are rich in nutrients, bold in color and unique in flavour. They are popular in Europe, Asia and North America. Researches show that they also have higher total polyphenol content than red raspberry, yellow raspberry and that the antioxidant activity of blackberry in researches was much higher than that of red raspberry, sweet cherry and blueberry. The advantages of blackberries are widely researched and they have shown that they do have significant effect on health (Wu et al., 2021).

So, grab here Your pack of freeze dried blackberries 👌, as freeze drying preserves most of nutrients (up to 95-98% as fresh berry), including vitamins and minerals. 

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