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Freeze-dried Kiwi


Ingredients: 100% kiwi, slices.

No added sugars. No added additives. Gluten free. Vegan.

Freeze-dried kiwi retain their color, taste, and aroma, as well as nutrients up to 98%! 20g of lyophilized kiwi is equivalent to about 200g of fresh kiwi.

Kiwi are high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and provide a variety of health benefits, like can improve heart health, digestive health, and immunity. Its tart flavor, pleasing texture, and low calorie count make it a delicious and healthy option for snacking, sides, or a unique dessert. The kiwi is a healthy choice of fruit and is rich with vitamins and antioxidants, which can provide benefits to health.


366 kcal / 1531 kJ

Fat 3g
-of which saturates 0g
-of which sugars 53,9g
Protein 6,6g
Salt 0,02g

Freeze-dried Kiwi