NutriBoom Freeze Dried Smoothies

NutriBoom Freeze Dried Smoothies

Our freeze dried smoothies are tasty, colorful and full of nutrients as freeze drying technology ensure preservation of nutrients up to 95-98% as fresh!

Our smoothie recipes are based on eat the rainbow principles, the mixes consists only of freeze dried fruits, berries and veggies. We do not add sugar or any other preservatives. All 100% natural.

Advantages of our smoothies is their multifunctional use:

  • blend it and You have ready smoothie recipe (empty package in blender, add milk or other liquid by choice, let it soak for few minutes and blend it into tasty smoothie);
  • eat it like a snack (as we are using pieces of fruits and veggies, as well as whole berries, You can also eat it like a snack);
  • mix it with plain yoghurt and breakfast is ready;
  • add to breakfast cereals.

Our smoothies are great for picnics, outdoor and indoor parties, it's perfect snack and perfect way to bring joy to others!


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