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Gift Set, Freeze dried Smoothies Mixes (2) + portable blender


Set of MIXXIT (bottle that blends) + 2 NutriBoom freeze-dried Smoothies.

Great gift for Yourself and others!

Easy, tasty, healthy and convenient to use! Freeze dried smoothie tastes like fresh, it's colorful and each recipe is based on eat the rainbow principles. 

Pack of NutriBoom smoothie mix is perfect dosage for MIXXIT portable blender. Fill Your MIXXIT with all contents of 1 Smoothie Mix pack, add milk 250ml (or till the white rubber handle) and blend it.


  • 1 x Freeze dried Pink - strawberries, banana 500ml / 20g
  • 1 x Freeze dried Yellow - banana, mango, pineapple 500ml / 21g

MIXXIT - Bottle that Blends -

Perfect on the go and great together with NutriBoom freeze-dried smoothie mixes. 

Blending juices, drinks, and smoothies wherever and whenever you want? With Mixxit it is possible! Mixxit combines a young and hip design with the ease of use of a blender in a handy carry-on bottle.

  • Unique patented design. Mixxit combines a portable blender with a unique and youthful design.
  • Smart interface. The smart interface avoids leaks and regulates the ideal blending speed. Fast and easy charging with the included wireless charging station.
  • Wireless Charging. Mixxit is easily charged with an included wireless charging station. No more awkward cables. Simply click it into place and, after 2-3 hours of charging, enjoy smoothies, juices, and shakes on the go.
  • Powerful engine & battery. Mixxit blends everything from frozen fruits to nuts to vegetables, thanks to a 70Watt motor that makes up to 18,000 revolutions per minute. A full battery can do 8 to 10 blends before needing to be recharged.
  • Dishwasher safe. All the Mixxit parts are dishwasher safe, except the motor itself. It is fully waterproof but is best rinsed under the tap. You do this by unscrewing the parts.

Cleaning Option 1

  • Fill your Mixxit with water and a small drop of dish soap.
  • Start your Mixxit as usual.

Cleaning Option 2

  • Remove the motor from the Mixxit by turning to the left.
  • The motor is hand wash only and should not be left underwater for too long.
  • The bottle can go into the dishwasher without the attached handle.

Gift Set, Freeze dried Smoothies Mixes (2) + portable blender