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Welcome to NutriBoom

Freeze-dried fruits and veggies. A tasty and healthy snack for everyone!

Healthy and tasty!

Born in Latvia. No sugar added. Vegan. Gluten free.

Freeze dried Smoothie Mix

New product - tasty, colourful and full of nutrients



Freeze-dried products preserves vitamins and minerals (keeps up to 98% of nutritional value).

Fresh all year

After processing preserves original taste, colour and aroma, becomes crunchy.

No sugar

There aren’t used any additives or flavour enhancers in any step of processing! Vegan and gluten free.

Kids love it!

fruits and veggies

Versatile in use - eat in different ways

Nutri Boom fruits and veggies are not only healthy and tasty, but also versatile in use. Eat like a snack! Add to - smoothies, breakfast cereals and porridge, drinking water, cakes and muffins, and more!


My kids simply love these snacks! Tasty, healthy and doesn't create any mess! I just ordered the second package for my family (hopefully, this time it's not going to be eaten after 20mins).


Bananas are my absolute favourite! So sweet, but 0 sugar added, wow! Love to eat those after any exercise, I just throw the package in my bag and have it for weeks! Thank you for such amazing product!


I consider myself as a lazy person, so whenever I am cooking no fresh carrots for my! I don't bother of peeling or cutting carrots, I simply open Nutriboom package and add it to my food!