Freeze Dried Super Snacks

Tasty, crunchy, healthy Superfood

Just Fruits and Berries

No added sugar, no added preservatives

Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Magical ice cream that doesn't melt

Inspiration source

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Freeze-dried products preserve vitamins and minerals (keeps up to 98% of nutritional value).

Fresh All Year

After processing freeze dried products preserve original taste, colour and aroma, becomes crunchy.

No added sugar

There aren’t used any additives or flavour enhancers in any step of processing! Vegan and gluten free.

Made in Latvia

Eat Healthy. Live Wealthy. Feel Delighted.

Delicious, healthy and generator of positive emotions - these are fruits and vegetables processed with innovative production technology (freeze-drying)!

NutriBoom fruits and veggies are not only healthy and tasty, but also versatile in use.

Eat like a snack!

Add to - smoothies, breakfast cereals and porridge, drinking water, cakes and muffins, and more!

Decorate cakes, desserts and salads!

Our freeze dried snacks are real superfoods!

And they are tasty, colorful and most important - crunchy, which is great for a snack.

Our super kids need super snacks!

Our freeze dried snacks and smoothies are based on eat the rainbow principles.

Eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables is important for health and principle of eating the rainbow is significant healthy eating advice. These principles promote our health as our bodies benefit for eating variety in terms of colour and food type. We need different vitamins, minerals and nature has colour coded it for us, so eating variety of different coloured foods is easy way to receive almost all necessary nutrients for Your body and mind.

Each colour in fruits and vegetables is because of their phytonutrients and it indicates presence of certain nutrients in specific fruits and vegetables. 

Private Label and Corporate Gifts

B2B and wholesale

We offer our products as corporate gifts with both our brand and private label option, as well as there are offers for B2B and wholesale customers. For more information contact us -